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Turn ON Your Next Offsite

Jan 25, 2017

Organizations spend billions of dollars each year on team events, offsites and annual meetings, all with the goal of producing lasting impact through the people involved. It’s a people activity.  Your outcome goals may vary from critical decision making, developing a launch plan, or improving and inspiring your team.

However, even with the best of intentions (and budget), leaders too often fail to realize their tangible outcome goals and ROI expected from the precious investment of time.  How about your experience?  Were results achieved?  Did the right focus occur? Will the activity following happen as expected? Will the team grow in a valuable and lasting way? The answer we heard was too often “partial” or “not as expected” success.

 After research, interviews, and data collection, we created the Turn On Your Offsite eBook, to help leaders get more from their next offsite, event, or annual kickoff.  We’ve identified the points at which offsites go awry and outlined actionable solutions to avoid these pitfalls and yield value from the event. Our goal is that you produce lasting action that moves your strategy forward. 

 This 14 page eBook includes an eight step planning outline for before, during, and after the offsite, discussion tips, an event checklist, and further readings and resources. All with the goal of helping you think deeper into your plan for driving focus, outcomes, and team engagement to support your strategic goals.

 I wish you the best as you think more deeply into your event and your outcomes!

Download the eBook here.