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      “Scott has a great combination of technical and soft skills that is hard to find in the industry, and he wraps it all with a passion for what he does that is truly contagious.”

— Dominic DeCarlo, Vice President Digital

      “Scott Reese is one of the most high energy, high quality consultants I’ve ever worked with. His magnetic personality is backed up with a deep understanding of his field. He knows the right people and has the skills required to move highly complex projects forward faster and smarter. I loved working with this guy.”

— Scott Wozniak, CEO of Swoz Leadership, 
Author of ​How to Fail as a Leader, Former Innovation Leadership

      “Scott is a consummate professional with a genuine energy that radiates from his soul. Once a Marine, always a Marine, and the diligence and rigor he brings to every interaction is tinged with positive energy and devotion to doing what is right for the individual, the company and the consumer. On the winding road of innovation and hospitality, Scott has been a beacon, keeping me grounded in my personal beliefs and focused on the bottom line. A true leader and mentor, humble yet honest, Scott is a welcome reprieve from sales pitches and demos. If you want to discuss your brand, where you are now, and where you want to go, Scott is your guy. He is positive, direct, and seeks to find the truth in people and organizations so that they can laser focus on what is meaningful. I will recommend Scott and Cornerstone Path to personal friends and professional acquaintances alike. Thank you, Scott, for your passion and devotion.​”​​​

— Victoria Wells, Digital Marketing Manager

​      “If I had the chance I would gladly introduce you to my friend Scott Reese, whom I’ve introduced many times to others, including my boss, as one of the best salesman I know. And it’s true. I’ve been watching Scott in my industry for nearly 10 years now and Scott seems to have knowledge of significant deals in our industry. It’s truly amazing. And here’s the kicker … he is also such a gentlemen, much fun to be with, and always bringing smiles to faces. If you are thinking of working with Scott, I strongly encourage you to meet with him because he is the real deal. Please feel free to call me if you want more details.”

— Raj Maini, Worldwide Marketing Director

      “We had a very successful engagement with Cornerstone Path focused on two primary tasks:
(1) build a process to consistently bring enterprise level clients into our high touch environment (a strategic objective), and
(2) ensure the that sales process, sales talent, and compensation plans were aligned to support and accomplish this strategic objective/KPI.

​​Cornerstone was perfect for us because they have strategic & tactical expertise in both sides of the sales team success formula (revenue growth/business development & sales team design/development).

​​Scott was instrumental in helping with a vision and action for enterprise go-to-market and Richard facilitated effective transition in the sales team operations to support our new enterprise execution. Scott was also personally instrumental in helping us win a multi-year, multi-million-dollar project with a top 10 global QSR because of the deal intelligence and relationships he brought to our team.

​And here’s the bonus … these guys and their team are just really good people. They add great energy into the room and bring smiles to the faces of the people around them, while tackling tough problems. They helped me get more of what I most cared about done and it was awesome.

​​​Given this experience, I confidently recommend the Cornerstone Path team! If you’re a business leader and you “just know” you should be growing faster but aren’t, or if you want to improve your team, or if you just want an outside sanity check on your revenue engine, then spend some time with Scott & Richard. You’ll be glad you did. Feel free to call me if you want more details.”

— Dan McAllister, GM/SVP

      “With more than 30 years experience in sales and sales management – I can tell you that I have never worked with anyone quite like Scott Reese. I suppose if I tried to create a mental image of the “perfect” sales executive / leader / individual contributor / closer / relationship creator – I would end up with some part Eagle Scout / Zig Ziglar / Tony Robbins and that would still not quite add up to Scott. The right adjectives would fill an entire page but this is someone who “gets it” on a basic level – sharp and competent at the highest level – beyond motivated – incredibly ethical and able to accomplish amazing things even under the most adverse conditions. Scott is a joy to work with – and my life is better for knowing him.”

— Steve Halland, Chief Revenue Officer

      “Scott’s a person who will listen to what you have to say. Really listen. He’ll then blend your needs with his offerings, and give you an honest assessment of the best route; regardless of whether or not it’s in line with his product(s) . I’ve valued him as a consultant and partner more than a vendor. I’d highly recommend talking with Scott for whatever your technical needs are. If he can fill them, he will, if he can’t, he’ll steer you in the right direction. My best description would be this … Ethical. And there’s no bullshit in any of that … I mean it.”

— Geoff R., Engineering Manager

      “Scott Reese does nothing in half-measures. As a friend, business partner or even a conference attendee, he’s all-in, giving you his full attention and bringing a ton of value. He’s the ultimate win-win guy – if you win, he wins. That’s rare indeed, and I can’t recommend him highly enough. In a world where nobody pays attention, Scott is an attention-paying unicorn.”

— Scott Slucher, Executive Director

​      “Working with Scott as a partner has been a great experience. When he says he’s going to have you something, he gets it there. He’s always charging forward and looking for the next opportunity, while never dropping a ball on the existing ones.”

— James Weathersby, Director, Technical Marketing

      “Scott is a creative, enthusiastic, yet disciplined sales manager that knows how to organize and motivate a sales team to achieve results.”

— Grady Yarbrough, Business Analyst

​      “Scott Reese is one of the most inspirational leaders I’ve had the pleasure to work with. He has a unique ability for pulling together highly talented teams and leveraging the strengths of each member to create a dynamic whose sum is greater than its parts.”

— Melissa van Gelderen, Managing Director, Europe/Middle East

About Us

Scott T. Reese

Scott is a former Marine Corps Officer and successful business leader with a long history of helping clients, partners, team mates, and friends to identify their goal, plan their attack, and “take their hill.” Nicknamed “Captain Smiley” by his Marines, Scott is known for his positive, full of energy character. He gets things moving forward while radiating enthusiasm and “let’s do it” energy to those around him.

Scott has helped many tier 1 retail brand project teams in innovation, IT, operations, digital engagement, customer experience, etc

Richard Balius

Richard is a results-driven consultant focused on helping leaders deliver sales results in their organizations. He has led over 100 peer advisory meetings with more than 40 CEO’s, performed over 700 one-to-one coaching sessions of CEO’s and sales managers, has grown sales teams at multiple companies, and much more.

Richard’s specialties include Sales Management, Building Effecting Sales Teams, Sales Team Automation, and Sales Leadership.